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Three Keys to Growth - People, People, People

I remember my introduction years ago to Microsoft Excel and Access. I actually thought, "technology can solve every business problem." As an IT expert, I lived with this mindset.

I ultimately realized that even when technology was specifically designed to solve a particular didn't.

Then I joined an elite operations team and was introduced to the idea of processes. Ah, finally! Technology wasn't going to solve everything, but good process was. I felt the liberation of knowledge - just get the processes right and every business problem could be solved.

Then I began my first job as a leader. Finally, I was in the position to implement the processes that would solve, well, everything!

I quickly implemented good processes. Now I could sit back and watch it all magically happen.

The results were still not what I wanted. I thought, "what am I missing here?"

You already know what I was missing. People.

With the right people, process and technology problems solve themselves. Questions of process and technology become simple, even easy.

When, as leaders, we focus on people, getting the right ones, getting rid of the wrong ones, and getting the right ones in the right places doing the right things, rather than on process and technology, EVERYTHING becomes achievable.

In contrast, if we believe real problems are solved first with processes or technology rather than by people, NOTHING solves itself.

Don't get me wrong, technology and strong processes surrounded by sound operational and financial strategy are critically important to sustained growth. But, without the right people focused on the right questions, then organic growth will tend to match inflation, which is just another way of saying there is no growth.

If you've been attempting to solve a problem, say how to have meaningful organic growth, for a long time, with lackluster results, then 99% chance that at its root, it's really a people problem.

Where do you start?

It starts with this question, "what are we trying to accomplish, and what types of people do we need to accomplish those things?

Who in your organization has the work ethic, culture, aptitudes and skills to tackle the objective? Put those people to work on the problem and if they are the right people, the problem will get solved. How do we know when we have the right person? We don't. We have to be willing to adapt as we observe.

If you simply don't have enough of these kinds of people, then where do you start? Start with a plan to attract, develop and retain the people who will help you accomplish the goals of your organization. Lay the foundation to attract those people and they will solve the process and technology problems. That's your job as the leader.


Atlante Partners helps agencies find, attract, grow and develop the raw talent that will take independent agencies to the next level.

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