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About atlante partners

Atlante Partners works with Independent Insurance Agencies across the United States to keep them growing and indpendent. From operational consulting to fully executing projects, our team works to push agencies to achieve their long-term goals across all operations of the business.

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Developing talent

We work with your agency to consistently improve the caliber of incoming talent across all roles and to develop a pipeline of both experienced talent and young professionals who are ready to help your agency meet its organic growth goals. 

Driving new business

Atlante works with clients to coach sales talent with a primary focus on creating new business opportunities. No matter what an agency’s sales process, having more opportunities to compete drives organic growth.

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Developing the "Employer Brand"

Atlante helps clients attract strong talent by improving execution of talent development internally and by managing employment branding on the web, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and by fostering trusted relationships at target universities.

Reinforcing Mentorship

Mentorship is integral to rapid organic growth. Atlante works with agencies to implement formal mentorship which in turn develops new talent, enhances agency culture and most critically, closes new business.

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