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7 Principles of Engagement

Atlante’s 7 Principles of Engagement dictate how we work with Agency Partners as we provide consulting and recruiting:


1. We put the partner first

Atlante puts the interests of the agency first and foremost.


2. We support agency leadership

We work in the background to create consistent alignment with agency leadership at their pace and within their style and culture.


3. We engage existing talent

Under the direction of leadership, we tap into the potential of agency employees and avoid costly and risky new hires.


4. We start with understanding

By following a rigorous deep-dive process we work to build off the foundation of the agency’s strengths, experiences and opportunities.


5. We do work that sticks

We follow strategic principles that mean the work we do has a lasting impact into the future.


6. We measure progress

We work with Agency Partners to implement metrics focused on growth and profitability and improve the efforts of everyone involved.


7. We encourage continuous improvement

We work on the premise that there is nothing we do that can’t be improved upon in a meaningful way.

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