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About atlante partners

Atlante focuses on finding, attracting, developing and retaining talented entry-level or recently graduated business development professionals or account managers who can contribute to the future growth, profitability and eventual perpetuation of our agency partners.

Attracting raw talent into our industry and providing them with development opportunities acts as the foundation for achieving sustained high organic growth. However, hiring people with little professional experience and helping them become productive comes with its own challenges and opportunities - leveraging these opportunities is our focus.

Atlante provides ongoing training and development in coordination with agency partners in an integrated way. Our 7 Principles of Engagement dictate how we work with our partners.

Atlante is committed to the strategies and implementation of sustained and profitable organic growth starting with the acquisition and development of great talent. Our focused experience in this area combined with the expertise of agency partners puts us at the forefront of developing the next generation of insurance professionals and leaders.

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